About ccMo

Cadence Commotions is an Independent Sydney Live Music Bookings, Artist Management, Publicity & Promotions business run by Leyne Elbourne.

Established in 2007, Cadence Commotions (aka ccMo) aims to get more people leaving their homes to experience LIVE entertainment and endeavours to host more live music, in more – sometimes unexpected – places

Cadence Commotions happenings (as at July 2017)

 COUNTERFEIT: A monthly tribute night featuring a selection of Sydney’s best musos challenged to play tribute to a different band/theme each month. Running since 2010, over twenty different tribute shows have been presented, each featuring an average of fifteen artists playing homage. COUNTERFEIT is currently on hiatus.

ccMo is able to assist both venues and musicians with your LIVE music needs – please visit your applicable section ~ Musicians / Venues 

ccMo ran YourSpace Muso Showcase every week for 5 years

Featuring 10-13 bands and solo/duo artists each week, covering all genres and levels of experience. YourSpace ran at 5 venues for half a decade and provided a stage to thousands upon thousands of musicians, both local, from interstate and international. YourSpace ended in April 2010, for more info visit here

To make an enquiry or find out more, please make contact via email: ccmotions@gmail.com

Visit ccMo on Facebook


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