COUNTERFEIT is a regular live tribute night presented by Cadence Commotions featuring a selection of Sydney’s best bands and musos challenged to play tribute to a different band/theme at each edition.

The first ever COUNTERFEIT Tribute Night was WEEN KEEN which took place in March 2009 at the Gaelic Theatre. COUNTERFEIT was then held monthly at the Roxbury Hotel, Glebe before moving to Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel for 3 years, then the Lansdowne Hotel in December 2012.

Our next venue for was Erskineville’s Imperial Hotel, where we held COUNTERFEIT every 2 months throughout 2014. As of February 2015, we moved back to the mighty Townie, Newtown. COUNTERFEIT has been on hiatus since 2016.

COUNTERFEIT nights thus far have been: WEEN KEEN (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5!), Pixies vs Breeder, 70’s Rock, Grunge, Creedence vs Cash, Aussie Rock (1, 2 & 3), Chick Bands, Perry vs Patton, Crowded House vs Split Enz, NY vs LA, Post-Beatles, Punk Rock, Musical Comedy vs Screen Themes, One Hit Wonders, War & Peace, Boys vs Girls, Christmas (Dec ‘011), Showtunes, St Patrick’s Day, Woody Guthrie,  Britpop, Bowie vs Byrne, Top Ten 90s , 50s Rock N Roll, Woodstock, NIRVANA , Glam Rock, The Doors, Valentine’s Day and the most recent, Cave vs Young (May 2015).

We are up to our THIRTY-SEVENTH COUNTERFEIT night – WEEN KEEN 6 –  stay tuned for more info via the Cadence Commotions Facebook Page.

A great many videos and photos have been taken over the course of these nights – below you will find links to the collections. Enjoy!

COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN (Mar 2009) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN 3 (Mar 2011) – YouTube PlaylistPhotos
COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN 4 (April 2012) YouTube PlaylistPhotos
COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN 5 (August 2014)  Photos

COUNTERFEIT: Pixies vs The Breeders (May 2010) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Grunge (June 2010) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Creedence vs Cash (Jul 2010) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: 70’s Rock (Aug 2010) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Aussie Rock (Oct 2010) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Chick Bands (Nov 2010) – YouTube PlaylistPhotos
COUNTERFEIT: Perry vs Patton (Jan 2011) – Photos – Part 1Photos – Part 2
COUNTERFEIT: Crowded House vs Split Enz (Feb 2011) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: NY vs LA (Apr 2011) – Videos on Facebook

COUNTERFEIT: Post-Beatles (May 2011) – PhotosSex In Mexico YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: Punk Rock (June 2011)

COUNTERFEIT: Music Comedy vs Screen Themes (Jul 2011) – Sex In Mexico YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: One Hit Wonders (Sep 2011) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: War & Peace (Oct 2011) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: Boys vs Girls (Nov 2011) – YouTube PlaylistPhotos
COUNTERFEIT: Christmas (Dec 2011) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: Showtunes (Feb 2012) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: St Patrick’s Day (Mar 2012) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: Aussie Rock II (June 2012) YouTube PlaylistPhotos
COUNTERFEIT: Woody Guthrie (July 2012) Finale song ‘This Land Is Your Land’ on YouTube – Photos

COUNTERFEIT: Britpop (Aug 2012) – YouTube Playlist – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Bowie vs Byrne (Oct 2012) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Top Ten 90s (Nov 2012) – YouTube Playlist – Photos 
COUNTERFEIT: 50s Rock N Roll (Aug 2013) – YouTube Playlist – Photos

COUNTERFEIT: Aussie Rock III (Jan 2014) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Woodstock (Mar 2014) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Nirvana (Apr 2014) – Photos – Video of the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Finale Jam
COUNTERFEIT: The Doors (September 2014) – PhotosYouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: Valentine’s Day (February 2015) – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: Cave vs Young (May 2015) – Photos

If you know of any videos that aren’t on the above YouTube playlists or any photo albums not linked, please email me the info and I will add them.


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