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COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN through the ages…

ccMo’s very first COUNTERFEIT Tribute Night was WEEN KEEN, which took place in March 2009 at the Gaelic Theatre. After all the fun, Cadence Commotions decided to put on more tribute nights. This led to COUNTERFEIT being held monthly at the Roxbury Hotel, Glebe before moving to Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel from November 2010 until late 2012, when it again moved – this time to the Lansdowne in December 2012.

As of January 2014, COUNTERFEIT has been hosted at The Cabaret Room, Imperial Hotel – Erskineville, and takes place every 2 months. We are currently (June 2014) up to our thirty-third COUNTERFEIT night!

WEEN KEEN 5 is set for Friday 1st August – you can visit the facebook event here.

Take a walk down memory lane via the photos and videos from our previous WEEN KEEN Tribute Nights.

COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN (Mar 2009) – YouTube Playlist
COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN 3 (Mar 2011) – YouTube Playlist – Photos
COUNTERFEIT: WEEN KEEN 4 (April 2012) YouTube Playlist – Photos

Check out who played what songs here.